Markdata Overview

Markdata is a Software House, integrated in Marktest Group, specialised in broadcasting and advertising television analysis.

Markdata developing PC Based Software for Media Analysis since 1982, when the first PC optimizer was introduced in the Portuguese market. We have been developed the first modern TV audience application for PC in 1994, which has been afterwards cloned by most of competitors.

Now, Markdata has its systems installed in 26 countries and they are used by thousands of final users and are more spread than any other system. We have met the challenges of many of our international clients and our challenge is to produce the best and the most powerful software in the area of Global Television Information System.

Throughout more than ten years, Markdata acquired experience on integration of different database formats (Ibope, Mediametrie, TNS, AGB, GfK, Nielsen, PPM Arbitron,...) and is capable of full adaptation of any particular or specific algorithms, variable or constant panel definition. Markdata audience analyser system is independent from the ratings provider. Our systems can be customized for integration in the clients information system including access to own databases.

Markdata products are in continuous development following the dynamic market, creating the most advanced and intelligent systems with full automation in the process of update information and generation of reports and alerts. Our systems are the most powerful, fastest and easiest configurable, taking advantages of the acquired know-how. Ask for a benchmark with any competitor software and make your own conclusions. Markdata prides itself on uniting simplicity with high performance products.