MMW Teleview


Teleview is an integrated module of Telereport and MMW presenting simultaneously images, sound, graphics and audience values, providing a new perspective to TV audience analysis.

The possibility to visualize images for channels and to analyze the audience evaluation for several targets, allows the user to study and to better comprehend the viewers’ behavior than if he was analyzing only numbers.

Markdata developed its own software (Media Lab) for capture and conversion of television images in a digital format. The four channels broadcasting are recorded in a specific format for Teleview with 24 frames (image) per second with a size of 360x288 pixels. Afterwards, the images can be recorded on a CD/DVD and sent to the clients Teleview uses Telereport database for audiences and programs therefore does not need specific audiences updates.

In the competition mode we can compare the video with the emission of the several channels in one day, crossing this information with the audience of each event.

Under each video window we can identify the program name, the audience of the program and the audience of the minute that we are visualizing. In this way we can compare the audience minute by minute with the audience of the program and see “when” and “how much” we are losing or gaining.

Under the Video Control on the left we can analyze the Rating / Share Evolution Curve of Selected channel/program (filled in blue) and their competitors. In this window we can obtain information about audience flow of each channel.

The Switching Chart Events window allows analyzing how much audience we gained form the competitors and how much audience we lost to other channels.

These are some examples of the multiple features of the Teleview.