MMW Telereport


MMW Telereport is an audience analyzer to get in depth information about Television, Radio and other media. This comprehensive and easy software brings you all the information about television broadcasting and other Medias like radio, press, outdoor etc. It works with windows environment and presents rating data by targets, programs, time slots, channels and dates. It allows observing duplication, coverage accumulation during the broadcast, fluxes and audience transfers, assiduity, fidelity and exclusivity.

If you would like to know soap opera’s share, news rating, the reception share of the reality show, the attractiveness index of last night’s movie, the affinity index of young people, just open MMW Telereport software and you will know this and much more!

It enables you of analyzing and controlling Programs, Breaks and Time Slots broadcasting. With Markdata Media Workstation interface users can freely schedule the production of reports at a given time on specific days without any further intervention. This functionality greatly facilitates the generation of recurrent analysis, such as overnight reports and particularly extended reports.

Some Features

Switching Grid Analysis

How many and where viewers come from and how many and where the viewers go are some of the most frequently questions performed in the departments of research. The module switching always help you understand better these issues.

In the switching curve, the user may analyze a channel’s source and destination audience in a more detailed manner. In this module, grid and audience variable are present as well as colored bars to indicate the source and destination of the audience in the analyzed slot.

Ratings Curve

This module allows you to analyze the audience evolution curve for any variable in fine detail. The customers have several criterias to draw the curves, it is possible represent any kind of audience variable, by Target, Channel or day, performing accurate comparison in order to understand the audience behavior of any channel, event, day etc...

Reports Modules

The Markdata Workstation Report designer allows you to design advanced reports in three easy steps: Select layout, select filters and execute. Can performs Time bands, fringes and events reports using a common interface.

Layout and Filter selections may be saved as templates for future use reducing your workload.

Monthly Top 10 programmes. Ranked by Channel Average Share, Thumbs Up if Share > 35%

The reports modules contain a unique advance multipaging feature. This allows you to design different analysis and report organizations before executing the analysis. So in a single execution we can obtain different approach of reporting, until now just available using batch processes.

Individual Module

A set of enhanced analyses whose main goal is to “split” the audience of programs, period or spot-campaigns into individual details, such as:

  • Duplication/Exclusivity: How the audience of events is duplicated or exclusive against other events
  • Audience Profile: How the audience of events is reaching the different social-demographical segments
  • DEP: How the viewers of certain event are migrating to other event/channels
  • Assiduity: How the audience of events is split by classes of percentage time-viewed and whose viewers are more or less loyal to those events
  • SMH: What are the “Heavy”, “Medium” and “Small” viewers of events taking in consideration their averaged viewed time
  • Reach & Frequency: How the events are performing in terms of achieved Grp’s, Coverage and Number of Contacts to understand its efficiency